This morning on Facebook I saw a post from Arlene Dickinson (of Dragon’s Den fame) that I think is spot on.

If you are an artisan entrepreneur looking for an opportunity to break into a niche market, this is your time! Here’s what Arlene says:

The demise of so many big box retailers in Canada leaves a real opportunity for entrepreneurs to fill the markets evolving needs. I believe that the future of bricks and mortar retail will be the growth and development of specialty stores. And that those specialty stores will do well because they offer a fabulous and unique customer experience. Because, no matter what, we are by our very nature social and community centric creatures. We will of course buy products online but ultimately we will still buy many different products and services from a retailer who is knowledgable, trustworthy, fairly priced, and conveniently local. Online is not the death knoll of retail stores. It’s the signal for a pivotal change in them.

Bakeries, artisanal products, locally grown produce, butchers, wellness services. The list of what we want and will buy from local retailers is still endless. It’s exciting even as its changing. And interestingly enough it’s ultimately changing back to what it was 100 years ago.

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