It’s the eve of the 2013 municipal elections across Alberta. Tomorrow, citizens will head to the polls and exercise their civic responsibility to elect community leadership. It is my fervent hope that people across this province have been inspired to get engaged, to research the candidates and make educated, well-considered choices; to think and vote. 

Here are some questions upon which I hope you will reflect before you commit to putting an X next to a name:

– Does this candidate understand the role of Council and is he/she qualified/prepared to meet the demands of the job?

– Is this person running for something or against it? (hint: a negative campaign nets a negative council member)

– Is this candidate a proven leader with a solid reputation?

– Does this candidate truly have the public interest at heart? Does he/she have the strength of character to act in the public interest?

– Can this person function effectively in a team atmosphere?

– Will this individual be an honourable representative for your community?

There may be other questions to consider. I’d like to hear what you reflect on before you vote.  Add your thoughts via the comments – inspire and encourage others to think and vote.

Best of luck to all of the candidates. Thank you to all of the voters.

Here’s  to a bright future in your community and mine!