Many of you are aware that I am on a journey of leadership growth. For those of you who are unaware: I am on a journey of leadership growth. ūüėČ Of course, there’s a whole lot of explaining to do in terms of what that means in practical terms, and it’s not a secret or anything: I’m planning to run for provincial office. I¬†will be making¬†an “official” announcement through the media etc when there are dates and solid details in place but if you want more info, message me and I’ll be happy to talk with you about all of it and answer any questions.

While we’re waiting for everything to line up, let’s consider leadership, shall we?¬† I’ve been fortunate to take part in some tremendous leadership training over the years, and I encourage everyone to become well-educated on the subject. Whether you consider yourself a leader or not, the fact remains that there are now and always will be leaders in your life, so you might as well be able to pick out the good ones. Particularly now, with our federal election underway, several of our provincial parties in leadership selection processes, and a provincial election coming soon, we should all be thinking about what makes a good leader and what makes leadership good.

Right now I’m rereading Stephen Covey’s “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People”.¬†¬†The piece in the book about living a principle-centred life is just so inspiring! Each time I read through it, I can just feel my thinking¬†being elevated.¬†Of course there are many great books and a literal sea of leadership¬†literature, training and rhetoric¬†around leadership out there in the wide world. Over the years, though,¬†I’ve found no better synopsis of what I feel should motivate and guide leaders than the leadership model¬†I first learned about¬†through¬†Central Alberta’s Leadership Centre. Ten years ago when I first became familiar with their program, they used a model called “The Five Principles of Exemplary Leadership”.

These principles are:

– Model the Way

– Inspire a Shared Vision

–¬†Challenge the¬†Process

– Enable Others to Act

– Encourage the Heart

¬†I really want my leadership to be founded on these principles, and I am intent on living a principle-centred life. Going forward, I’d love to hear your thoughts on these five principles and how leaders, how I,¬†can and should walk these out.

Tell me what you think.