People who have asked me directly, or those with whom I’ve been in recent meetings have already heard this news, already know this. But I think I owe the community an official word, so here’s my “big” announcement:


I will not be seeking re-election for Penhold Town Council.


It’s been an amazing six years. Of course what I absolutely must do now is thank some people.

– To the wonderful community of Penhold: Thank you for voting for me, supporting me, sharing your thoughts, ideas and concerns with me, and (many, many of you) for becoming my friend. Keep doing all the great things you do to be and build community every day. I look forward to working shoulder-to-shoulder with you as a friend and neighbour.

– To the other elected officials, past and present, in Penhold: Thank you to those of you who have worked for the betterment of the community, sacrificing time with family and friends and dedicating significant focus and energy to this town. You put aside your personal wishes and needs to ensure a safe, stable community for today and build for a bright future. I’m honoured to have served with you.

– To CAO Rick Binnendyk and his talented, committed staff: I can’t say enough about you guys! I so wish people really understood what has been accomplished in this town – things that make us the envy of many other municipalities – because of the financial brilliance and dedication to a vision that has been demonstrated by Rick and his team.  Thank you for being family focused, fiscally responsible, and for staying the course despite tremendous obstacles and personal attacks. You all have my gratitude.

– To my fellow elected officials around the region and across the province: it has been a tremendous privilege developing relationships with so many of you. It was always a treat to share ideas and insights and learn together. Much of my growth as a Councillor and person is creditable to you folks. Thank you.

– To my husband and family: no amount of thanks cuts it. You managed life at home around my schedule. You listened to my bragging about Penhold’s accomplishments and to my rants when things were rough. You were “voluntold” for community events. You encouraged me. You love me.

I hope to produce more posts in the near future sharing success stories and tales from the “trenches” and offering some advice (have salt on hand) for new Councillors.

But tonight, I rest in a sense of satisfaction and immense gratitude.