In the November online edition of Oilfield PULSE Magazine I was invited to write an article on why getting good advice matters to your business (so you’re not confused, I wrote it under the branding of my business partner’s company, Resource Management Innovations). I likened a good business advisor to an air traffic controller. I think business owners may sometimes feel threatened by business advisers, because the transparency and trust that is required in this relationship may be perceived as giving up a measure of control over your own business.

No so. You are definitely the pilot and your business is the plane. You control every lever, dial and instrument inside the cockpit. The plane goes where you take it. You are busy watching your speed, fuel, altitude and so forth. You are navigating through turbulence and reassuring passengers that they will have a safe and comfortable experience.

But there are rules and processes in place to help you avoid hitting things like other planes and mountains. Your job as pilot requires that you be inside the plane, paying attention to it and the journey. Air traffic controllers are there to guide you and your plane through the skies, and indeed, the entire journey. You will have different ATCs throughout the course of the journey, because they all have their certain areas to cover, but you need them. They know all the rules, processes and potential dangers. They have the big picture and are watching not just you, but everything around you that might impact you. Following their advice does not mean you are not in control of your airplane; it means you will safely and successfully meet your objectives.

Whether your business is taking off, flying high, or landing, consider the wisdom of the support of a business advisor. And read the article in Oilfield Pulse.

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