I’m told that building a new political party is a lot of hard work. Of course, this being my first time at such an endeavour, I wouldn’t know otherwise, but I do agree it has many challenges. I’m sure it is an uphill battle no matter where such an activity is undertaken, but it sometimes seems particularly daunting in a province where there is a large majority monopolizing government for decades.


However, we are indeed growing, and at an admirable rate. New people are coming forward every day to take membership, volunteer, and even run for the Alberta Party. I am continually impressed with the calibre of people who this new party, the party to which I have pledged, attracts. Today several members, candidates and nominees gathered in Lacombe to celebrate the Party’s second birthday.

Candidates & Nominees as of Feb 5, 2012

The folks that spoke at today’s celebration are bright, articulate, and passionate. They spoke of values, like accountability, humility, integrity, strong advocacy and love for this province. They shared their hopes; dreams for Alberta like rejuvenated democracy, social equity, a stable economy, quality accessible health care and education.


Truthfully, when I talk to people out in my constituency’s communities, there is a lot of concern with the current state of affairs, openness to new ideas, and interest in Alberta Party principles. Yes, it can be hard at times. But each time I think about this region, this province, and the outstanding group of people with which I am privileged to serve, I am increasingly convinced of the worthiness of this journey. And so I say “Thank You” to all who work alongside me day after day in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake, to all who are working shoulder to shoulder across the province to build the Alberta Party, and to everyone who opens their door and their mind to new ideas and new hope.


Happy Birthday, Alberta Party.

Chatting with a new volunteer
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