Yes, the Paul Brandt song was running through my head today as the Alberta Party released its first ever platform, entitled “We Can Dream Bigger”.

Out here in rurban/rural Alberta, we know all about Big Dreams. Small communities work hard to maintain their business base, schools, hospitals, and quality of life.

That’s one of the reasons I’m so incredibly proud of our platform. ALL of the planks are so meaningful and appropriate for rurban and rural Alberta. I don’t know exactly how we got here (though I have some strong ideas about some of the contributing factors) but I do know our health care system needs to be re-thought. We also need to re-institute respect for education and the needs of students. We need believe again that democracy is possible in this province and worth pressing for. Our economy needs an injection of stability and responsible management. And, perhaps most importantly, since strong communities make for a strong province, we need to re-invest in our communities.

I’m excited to share these Alberta Party ideas with people in the communities in my constituency. While the other parties are busy tearing each other to pieces, the Alberta Party is envisioning a better Alberta. I hope you’ll share that dream and join us to build it together.

Read the full platform here and don’t hesitate to call me to discuss.