After a long, busy week and a big day debating constitutional amendments with my political party, I was treated to a luxurious facial at Ritz Esthetics in Innisfail.


Located in Adonia Beauty and Wellness, owner/operator Kelli Ritz truly “gets” how to be successful in local business. In addition to being awesome at what she does in terms of the services she provides, Kelli understands that gaining and retaining clientele is all about the foundational business principle “Know-Like-Trust”. Kelli will text me from time to time just to see how I’m doing. If I run into her in the grocery store, instead of pretending she doesn’t see me (because she is on her “own time”), she stops to talk, with recollection of my life: “Hey, new hair!” or “How was Mexico?” Her natural, genuine ability to establish friendships makes it easy to want to spend time in her spa.

Kelli does not believe just because she is a local business that the locals are somehow obligated to patronize her shop. She earns every single customer through hard work, quality, honest expertise, going the extra mile and giving back.

I have every confidence that Kelli’s spa will continue to grow. She’s doing everything right.

Thank you, Kelli, for a wonderful afternoon. I really appreciate your friendship… and my face feels like a million bucks!


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