There’s something I just love about the first blanketing snows of the season. It’s like all the dirt and barren branches and imperfections of the earth are gently covered, hidden beneath a pristine carpet of white. A blank canvas.


The New Year is kind of like that, too: a new year, a blank canvas. Sure, sure, we carry things over. We don’t get to wave a magic wand at the stroke of midnight and totally start over. And we’re not completely in charge of everything that happens to us, either. Each December as I reflect back, I am always amazed at all of the events and change that transpired through the course of the year. We can’t predict what will take place. The “blank canvas” on which I begin to colour as I embark on a new year is about me: my choices, my responses, and my professional, mental, emotional, and spiritual growth.


On December 5th I was in a miraculous non accident. I still have no idea how the pick-up that crossed the centre line and came straight at me ended up missing me. That incident, though it shook me greatly, has served to sharpened my focus. As 2015 dawns I am more determined than ever to live joyfully, meet challenges with determination, concentrate on reaching my goals, and commit to never losing sight of my priorities and the big picture. I have more of an excitement about 2015 than I have felt in a long time; I’m expecting good things! And where it is in my power, I intend to make them happen.


And so, to you, my family, friends and online compatriots, I wish health, joy, peace, love and prosperity in all things as you colour your own 2015 canvas.


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Much love,



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